Cool 2 Know

A later-in-life dad with ‘tude

The Associated Press; Spencer Rumsey; Caryn Eve Murray

Mix a generous helping of rock and roll trivia, the sex lives of cavewomen and the batting stances of the New York Yankees and you may attain a blessed state of fatherhood that Philip Lerman calls “Dadditude.” In his funny new book, “Dadditude: How a Real Man Became a Real Dad” (Da Capo Press), appropriately timed for Father’s Day, the former co-producer of “America’s Most Wanted” tells other males of the species how to find that balance between “strict discipline and compassionate unconditional love.” Three quick tips: Never play Candyland. Never curse around the kids – especially if you’re losing at Candyland. And even though kids don’t come with an owner’s manual like a new car, they do require preventive maintenance.

A successful TV executive, Lerman decided in his late 40s that he was finally ready to have a kid with his very patient wife, Rachel, who had a daughter from a previous marriage. After a series of entertaining – and most revealing – misadventures, the happy result is Max, now 3, who has taught his dad what it takes to gain that special paternal ‘tude.

– Spencer Rumsey