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is|that’s} not {hard|difficult} to comprehend.|A micro outline (also referred to as a sentence outline) goes {into|to} the {little|small} particulars of {the|this} {paper|newspaper} and is {very|quite} {useful|helpful} once the {topic|subject} you’re {discussing|talking} is {complex|complicated} in {nature|character} B.}|{You {may|might} also find out more {about yourself|on your own} by asking yourself the {very|exact} same questions {when|if} you’re tempted to {render|leave} a judgment.|Some folks also find it simpler to move from a micro outline {to|into} the {paper|newspaper} {since|as} there’s so much already {written|composed}, and {they’re|they are} {able|in a position} to {simply|just} continue to expand on the {ideas|thoughts} with {further|additional} {analysis|investigation} {as opposed to|instead of} {trying|attempting} to keep in mind {the|that the} {main|principal} reason why some {point|stage} was {included|contained} {in|from} the very first spot.|The {issue|matter} is 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